For the most part, our company specializes in the development of cloud software. This allows the customer to receive the following benefits:

1. Save money on licenses by maximizing the use of opensource solutions.

2. Work with software on any devices and any operating systems. That is, the software works through a browser, does not require installation and configuration, as well as maintenance and maintenance on end-user machines.

3. Centrally updated.

4. The ability to work from anywhere in the world, or restrict access within the corporate network.

Popular technology stack

Currently, the most popular technology stacks are php +YII 2.0 or Laravel, python +Django. But we have a lot of experience using other programming languages and technologies-for more information, see the link.


Due to the use of ORM systems, the software that we develop is database independent and can be easily ported to any of the popular databases. For example, run a project on regular MariaDB and later transfer to PostgreSQL or Oracle. We also have vast experience working with Neo4j – a graph database, MongoDB – a document-oriented database or in the common people noSQL database.

The separation of backend and frontend parts has also gained popularity recently. Separation of the frontend part in a separate block allows creating SPA applications (Single Page Application). Here we use Angular and React. Often we are faced with the need to integrate various devices or exchange data with the operating system at a low level – for this we write MiddleWare software, use 3rdParty libraries.




Software Development Stages

Software development begins with the terms of reference. After that, the architecture, modules and methods of interaction are designed, the integration part is signed with external systems and third-party software, the user interface is designed.

Next, a project schedule is created with milestones and implementation steps. At present, this is the age of information technology, if your business is not digitalized and automated, it is difficult for him to work and develop in a competitive market. \

Due to automation, companies can:

• reduce staff;

• get rid of the human factor;

• increase control and accounting in daily work;

• get rid of corruption and theft;

• automate the company’s business processes and much more.

If you do not have a technical task or a clear understanding of automation, we can conduct an audit, for this we use TOGAF in large corporate projects. We examine the needs of the Customer, design the architecture, analyze and select the best software and suppliers, paint a detailed implementation plan with all deadlines and milestones.

After the design phase, the customer has an understandable action plan with a budget, suppliers and work stages. This will allow you to plan financial resources for future integrated automation.


Still have questions? We will be happy to advise – just leave a request and we will call you back at a convenient time for you.

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