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Our company has been actively developing mobile applications since 2012. At the moment, we use two stack of technologies: the native application for iOS / Android platforms and Flutter.

We often encounter when people turn to our company with an idea, a startup, and often do not even understand where to start and how to approach the development of mobile applications. Therefore, especially for you, we have prepared a little information (who knows, can skip and move on).

How does mobile app development start?

That's right, with an idea! But!!! If you have an idea, do not run to an IT company for a commercial offer. Believe me, for most companies it is very, very difficult to calculate the cost and terms of development based on the idea. Or, you can come across newcomers to the market who will do the calculations “from the pillar” or just poke a finger into the sky. As a result, you will lose time and money and will not get the desired result.


What should I do in this case, you ask?

You need to spend time and write requirements, in simple words. Ask yourself questions and answer them.

For example, if you have two roles, Client and Customer, in an application, make two lists – what functionality the client will have, what the customer will be able to do. How can they interact together, etc.

If it’s hard for you to work out these moments, we can do pre-project work:

Write a technical task and design a solution;

Develop prototypes of mobile application interfaces, admin panel;

Based on the data obtained, draw up an estimate of the work with the calendar plan and control points.

Another important point when developing startup projects is that you should not do all the functionality immediately. We recommend compiling requirements for the MVP version (minimal viable product). In order to start and start working as quickly as possible, and after launch, draw up a project development plan with a schedule for updating.




Main stages of mobile app development:

Now we will tell you a little about the main stages of mobile app development:

Development of technical specifications – as we have already said, the whole process begins with a description of the detailed requirements for a future mobile application.

UI / UX design – at this stage, prototypes of mobile application screens and an admin panel for managing the application are created.

Development of a design concept – as a rule, these are 2-3 screens, after which we proceed to the next stage.

Development of an interactive version – using the Figma tool, we are developing an interactive version of a mobile application where you can click on the buttons and go to the screens. This allows you to take a more holistic look at an early stage and promptly make changes.

Development is the longest of all stages, after the MVP version is ready, we publish applications in the public domain and provide data for testing to representatives of customers.

Testing – at this stage, we identify minor flaws and inaccuracies, quickly fix and prepare for industrial launch.

Putting it into commercial operation – or publishing it publicly on the Apple Store and Google Play.


The position of our company is to take full responsibility for the development and make the Customer maximally focus on the development of his business.


Our vast experience will save you time and money by choosing the right solutions:

• when you need to integrate online payment;

• choose the SMS notification service;

• on which hosting to place the backend;

• what to choose as a backup server;

• which messenger to integrate;

• what technologies to use;

• and much more.

Leave a request and we will advise you for free on the development of mobile applications

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